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Nintendo Icons Community

Mario, Zelda, Star Fox, and More!

Nintendo Icon Community
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Welcome to the Nintendo Icon community, a community specifically for Icons based on Nintendo games and characters. I had noticed a lack of Nintendo love in all the video game icon communities - they're all pretty much devoted to final fantasy games (of which I couldn't care less). So here's an icon community for Mario, Zelda, StarFox, Metroid, and the other Nintendo games we have grown to love.

Maintainer: prismaya , prismatic_icons
Prismaya's other communities: have_a_nice_day, webcomics

1. Credit is a must - credit either nintendoicons or the person who made the icon.
2. Share - all icons here, unless otherwise noted, are for everyone.
3. Comment - so the maker of the icon knows you're using it.
4. 1st party Nintendo icons only. - No exceptions.
5. Art theft will not be tolerated. - I allow, and even encourage, the use of nintendo fan art for your icons. However, you may only use fan art that is created by you, or that you have received permission to use.